As a cycling and run coach with over 30 years experience, I realised that many people are working hard BUT they aren't achieving the desired results. They have inconsistent levels of drive,  poor recovery plans with little attention to 'key sessions' which results if limited results and low self esteem. As a result, they never push to the limits that they are capable of!


My mission is to drive cyclists to new heights of fitness and nutrition along with mindset. I help them get ready for any type of event, maximise their time and boost their progress. With the support of personalised nutrition planning and mindset training they become better all round athletes.


I am excited every day by the progress individuals make. The journey they make inspires me daily. I can always take them way beyond what they thought they were capable of.


Honours Degree In Sports Science

Member Of The International Bike Fitters Federation

Coached Multiple GB Age Group Athletes In Triathlon And Duathlon

Post Graduate Degree In Teaching Phys Ed & Science

Worked With Leading GB Juniors In Track And Field

Was Part Of The Olympic 2012 Team That Created The MTB Course

Qualified British Cycling Coach

Coached Team Ghana At The 2014 Commonwealth Games

Coached Multiple Scottish Champions In Time Trial, Road Racing And Cyclocross


I have always been involved in sport, fitness and performance. My own sporting career was destined to be exciting but injury and poor structure to my junior days put paid to that. It was in coaching in and teaching that I realised I could excel.

I have been faced with many challenges - I am registered blind in my right eye and the disease has been detected in left eye. I fractured my neck and have a metal plate and in 2012 I was diagnosed with chronic ulcerative colitis (which I probably struggled with for 5 years leading up to that point). In Sept 2018 I was told I would have my bowel removed but I got myself better and with the thanks to an ongoing injection treatment I doing well at this point.

I am an example of someone who makes the most of what he has and I want to share that with others. I am nearly 50 and I have only just scratched the surface of what can be achieved.

I aim to keep demonstrating to people that they are only being limited by their mindset. They can break the habits that are keeping them from reaching their goals. They can achieve remarkable success. For everything person that discovers their superpowers means that they will inspire their family and friends.



Are you a cyclist? This Is For You!

Scott Maclean

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